I have loved baking and cooking from early childhood. I baked my first cake at the age of 9 in a wood burning stove. My passion for baking has not waned over the years and now focuses on gluten-free products. What began as a favor for friends and family has grown into the business that provides tasty, homemade, additive-free, gluten-free baked goods for the local market.

Earie Seals, Founder

With the assistance of my son we are now offering our tasty, gluten-free baked goods to a wider audience. We want to serve not only to the 30% of people who need a gluten-free diet, but also to other 70% who want the benefits of a gluten-free diet without sacrificing the taste of mom's home cooking.

Kwesi Seals, Business Partner

Kwesi is Earie's son and business partner. “All of our products are made not based on the bottom line, not for dollars and cents. Our products are made out of love and you can taste it when you try our baked goods.”

Kwesi loves to eat E's Gluten-free products...but he's still learning how to decorate cupcakes.

Take the challenge! Taste and see!
100% gluten-free ~ 100% delicious!

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